Gang Gorilla Club is a private club which connects business industries and artists.
The number of members is limited as a GG is much more than just an avatar.

As the community growing nicely with time, more contributors from the community have been joining and building the future of the GG Club. We are here to stay for long & show all together we can make it & change paths.

We focus on 3 main topics with all the GG :

# Crypto Trading & how to take advantages from Market trends

# Real Estate Investments in the metaverse to have a competitive edge in web3

# High Quality network & young artists promotion all within our community to grow together


Phase 1

GG Selling Season 1 (complete)
Release the 100 first GG and target to sell them all to build the community

GG Social Network (complete) Reaching 10k followers on Twitter & 10k followers on Instagram to enhance our GG visibility

GG Crypto Trading (complete)
Create successful trading strategies on bitcoin & etherum to help the community to benefit from markets trends

GG Artists Showroom (complete) Set up a digital showroom on GG Discord to promote young & talented artists

GG Metaverse (in progress) Together with the community, we will build the GG empire Real Estate in Sandbox

Phase 2

 GG Selling Season 2 (in progress)
Release 200 new GG and target to sell them all to expand the community

GG Crypto Trading (complete)
Offer the possibility to stack specific cryptos at a very attractive rate apy in a 100% secured format

GG Website (in progress)
Create an official website with interesting utilities such as Crypto Trading facilities

GG YouTubbe channel (in progress)
Create an official youtube channel to promote the community philosophy and the different services we could afford

GG VIP Events (in progress)
VIP experience to access top sport events & live concerts for the most active GGs

Phase 3

GG Selling Season 3 (not started)
Release new GG and target to sell them all to expand the community

GG 3D (not started)
 3D version of GG will be provided to evolve in the GG Metaverse

GG Roles election (not started)
Members will have the opportunity to take an official key role within the GG management


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